Engineering Properties of Awgu Shale in Enugu State, Nigeria

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Tombari Bodo


The samples of Awgu shale collected from Nnewi and Mgbowo in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu state were analysed in the laboratory for such properties as linear shrinkage, moisture content and atterberg limits (plastic limit and liquid limit). The samples recorded moisture content ranging from 7.96%-54.16%, linear shrinkage ranging from 8.57-11.4%, plastic limit ranging from 26%-46%, liquid limit from 48%-88% and plasticity index ranging from 21%-54%. The results of the analysis showed that the samples had high moisture content (except for borehole 4 and 5 that showed low moisture content), moderate to high linear shrinkage and moderate to high plasticity. On the basis of the above results, it is inferred that Awgu shale cannot be used as engineering materials either for foundation support or road construction without reasonable reinforcement.

Engineering properties, soil, shale, shear strength, plasticity.

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