Application of Benford's Law to Hydrogeological Parameters: Case of the Baya Watershed (Eastern Côte d'Ivoire)

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M. J. Mangoua
K. A. Kouassi
G. A. Douagui
I. Savané
J. Biémi


The Baya watershed is located in the eastern region of Côte d’Ivoire. It covers up a total area of 6324.041 sq. km. The exploited resources in water in that basin are surface waters and groundwaters through different drillings. The thrust of this study is to scrutinize the hydrodynamic parameters that could be influenced during drilling operation productivity in the basin through Benford statistical law. The sample is 150 drillings. This work is also the comparison of frequencies curves for parameters with regards to the empirical curve of Benford and carries out an appropriate test to see if our parameters are in line with Benford’s law. The Findings obtained state that transmissivity (T) and flow (F) depend only on the natural environment. Consequently, they cannot be influenced and/or predict their values as opposed to the static level (SL), the alteration thickness (AT) and to the total depth (TD) that are not in line with that law.

Benford, chi-square, baya watershed.

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Mangoua, M. J., Kouassi, K. A., Douagui, G. A., Savané, I., & Biémi, J. (2019). Application of Benford’s Law to Hydrogeological Parameters: Case of the Baya Watershed (Eastern Côte d’Ivoire). Asian Journal of Geological Research, 2(3), 1-7. Retrieved from
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