Enhanced Oil Recovery Using CO2 Flooding: Norne Field E-Segment Case Study

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M. M. Iliya
N. U. Okereke
H. O. Usman


Background: The Norne field is located 80 km north of the Heidrun field in the Norwegian Sea discovered in December 1991.

Aim: The feasibility of using CO2 flooding as a method of enhanced oil recovery in a segment of the Norne field was analysed.

Methods: A numerical simulation using a black oil simulator approach was taken. For this study, a synthetic reservoir model, with fluid and rock properties from Norne field E-Segment was used to test the effect of CO2 flooding on recovery factor.

Results: The key findings are as follows: (1) The oil recovery of the base case after 7 years of water flooding was 40% (2) The recovery factor obtained after 15 years of continuous CO2 injection was 32%.

Conclusion: This study indicates that there is a feasibility of carrying out CO2-EOR in the Norne field based on initial CO2-EOR screening and simulation.

Simulation, CO2 flooding, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), recovery factor.

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Iliya, M. M., Okereke, N. U., & Usman, H. O. (2020). Enhanced Oil Recovery Using CO2 Flooding: Norne Field E-Segment Case Study. Asian Journal of Geological Research, 2(4), 1-13. Retrieved from https://journalajoger.com/index.php/AJOGER/article/view/30097
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