Impacts of Solid Waste Dumpsites Leachate on Groundwater Quality and Suggested Mitigation Measures by Targeting Specific Pollutant Sources: Ikhueniro, Nigeria

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O. M. Omorogieva
O. Andre-Obayanju


The study of leachate is an on-going and current debate on global platform by researchers across disciplines. This is because of its impact on geoenvironment, particularly on groundwater resources. The study aimed at examining heavy metal and physico-chemical characteristics of leachate and its impacts on groundwater in Ikhueniro, Benin City Nigeria. The study findings will propose management strategies to promote environmental safety and groundwater resources protection. The study employed integrated scientific techniques and literature review to actualize its goals. The results obtained in the study revealed that the values of pH and Pb range were 5.78 – 6.80 and 0.03-0.05 mg/l respectively. Others include Fe (0.03-0.9) and Ni (0.05-0.64). It was observed that groundwater samples tested for heavy metal Pb, Cr, Cu, Zn, Cd, Ni and Fe in borehole tagged GW1, GW2, GW5 and RW within and around the study site were significantly impacted with Pb, Ni and Fe while GW2, GW5 and RW were lower in concentration of Pb, Cr, Cu, Zn, Cd, Ni and Fe. The study further revealed that leachate plume from dumpsite at the study site was the source of groundwater contamination. In view of the foregoing, the authors proposed that waste management techniques at grassroots level and strict compliance to the 4Rs methods of waste management practices as well as enforcement of environmental laws should be strictly adhered to in management of safe environment and protection of groundwater resources for sustainable development.

Leachate, environment, climate, groundwater protection, environmental management.

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Omorogieva, O. M., & Andre-Obayanju, O. (2020). Impacts of Solid Waste Dumpsites Leachate on Groundwater Quality and Suggested Mitigation Measures by Targeting Specific Pollutant Sources: Ikhueniro, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Geological Research, 3(1), 35-44. Retrieved from
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