Physical and Chemical Water Quality of Cirata Reservoir in Cianjur Regency Area

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Luthfi Widianto
Zahidah Hasan
Izza Mahdiana Aprilliani
Heti Herawati


Cirata Reservoir is one of three reservoirs drained by the Citarum River. Cirata Reservoir is included in the category of multipurpose reservoir, where in addition to being used as hydropower, this reservoir is also used as a means of fisheries and tourism activities. Fish cultivation in Cirata Reservoir uses the floating net cage system (KJA). The amount currently exceeds the capacity set by the government. The KJA provides organic material waste which causes a decrease in water quality in the Cirata Reservoir. This research aims to evaluate the physical and chemical parameters of river Cirata Reservoir in the Cianjur Regency. This research was carried out in the Cirata Reservoir in the Cianjur Regency area by taking three stations as a sampling area in November-December 2019. The method used was purposive sampling and quantitative descriptive analysis. Research results show fluctuations in the range of physical-chemical parameters of waters in Cirata Reservoir in Cianjur Regency as follows: Transparency 0.59 - 0.68 meters, Temperature 32.9 - 33.3°C, pH 7.2 - 7.5, Carbon dioxide (CO2) 11.2 - 13.3 mg / L, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 8 - 8.8 mg / L, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) 7.2 - 8.3 mg / L, Nitrates 0.192 - 0.204 mg / L Ammonia 0.003 - 0.004 mg / L, and Phosphate 0.162 - 0.171 mg / L.

Cirata reservoir, floating net cage system (KJA), water quality.

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Widianto, L., Hasan, Z., Aprilliani, I. M., & Herawati, H. (2020). Physical and Chemical Water Quality of Cirata Reservoir in Cianjur Regency Area. Asian Journal of Geological Research, 3(3), 35-41. Retrieved from
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