Dr. Igu, Nwabueze Ikenna

My work covers a broad range of environmental sciences especially its ecology, biodiversity, dynamics and management.


Primarily, I seek to the understand the variations that exist in tropical ecosystems, elucidate the extent to which land use changes and climate change will likely lead to forest modification, function and carbon sequestration, and also understand the varied livelihood, ecosystem services and management of these ecosystems.


My research is conducted using varied approaches in environmental science and biogeography as it helps my team to elucidate the inherent processes and explanations as to why ecosystems are varied across different landscapes. Recently, my research has focused more on wetlands, notably, freshwater swamp forest ecosystems, mainly because of the paucity of information on the ecosystem (especially in the Niger Delta).


Currently am working on modified landscapes across forest ecosystems (including agricultural landscapes and urban ecosystems) and hope to elucidate the extent to which modifications affect and influence their biodiversity, carbon storage and ecosystem service potentials and dynamics.


Am involved with active teaching and research in the University and is a member of British Ecological Society and Association of Nigerian Geographers.