2021 - Volume 4 [Issue 3]

Case Study

Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigation of Road Pavement Failure in Part of Ibadan Metropolis Southwestern Nigeria

Solomon M. Jekayinfa, Olawale O. Osinowo

Page: 227-241

Short Research Article

Original Research Article

Assessing the Ecological Health of a River in North-West Nigeria using Macroinvertebrates Structural Assemblage and Environmental Factors

A. O. Edegbene, G. O. Omovoh, E. C. Osimen, E. Ogidiaka, L. O. Jegbefume, E. O. Olatunji, K.H. Nwaka

Page: 211-226

Thermal Maturation and Subsidence History Studies in Some Parts of the Eastern Niger Delta Basin, Southern Nigeria Using Well-logs

E. D. Uko, M. A. Alabraba, I. Tamunoberetonari, A. O. Oki

Page: 250-262

Geological and Geochemical Characterisation of Fe-Mn oxide Mineralisation of Wadi Masilah Basin (SE Yemen)

Laura Pinarelli, Mohammed A. Mattash

Page: 136-156

New Data on the Stratigraphy of the Ameki Group, Se Nigeria: Implications for the Eocene Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Uduezue, Chiamaka Janefrances, Odunze-Akasiugwu, Shirley Onyinye, Gordian Chuks Obi

Page: 157-169

Assessment of Thermal Maturity of Crude Oils Using Biomarker Fingerprinting

Botwe Takyi, Selegha Abrakassa, G. J. Udom, Koffi Eugene Kouadio, Frederick K. Bempong

Page: 263-271

Geophysical and Borehole Log Evaluation of Groundwater Prospect in Parts of Lagos State, Southwestern Nigeria

O. M. Ogunsanya, D. V. Ogunsanya

Page: 272-287

The effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Extractive Private Sector Firms in Tanzania

Semboja Haji Hatibu Haji

Page: 186-210

3D Modeling Approach of Fault Seal Integrity Analysis in Sonia Field Onshore Niger Delta

Oshodi D. Raymond, John O. Amigun

Page: 288-308

Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Analysis of Agbada and Akata Shale from Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

Koffi Eugene Kouadio, Selegha Abrakasa, Sunday S. Ikiensikimama, Botwe Takyi

Page: 309-321

Lithological Characterization Using Parasequence Set for Depositional Environment of KD Field Shallow Offshore Niger Delta Basin

Ndukwe Otobong Sunday, Godwin Jeremiah Udom, Charles Ugwu Ugwueze

Page: 332-343

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