2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 2]

Original Research Article

Serpentinization of Koçali Ophiolite in the Southeast Anatolian Orogenic Belt (Turkey)

A. Feyzi Bingöl , Melahat Beyarslan

Page: 67-83

Geophysical Evaluation of the Impact of Solid Waste Dumpsite on the Groundwater in Ilokun, Ado-Ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria

A. S. Adeoye , O. O. Ige , A. O. Talabi , A. Oyebamiji

Page: 93-103

Assessment of Impact of Zaatari Refugee Camp on Groundwater Pollution by Heavy Metals in Al-Zaatari Area, North Jordan

Ibrahim Ahmad Bany Yaseen , Bayan Majed Al-Zboon, Moayyad Shawaqfah

Page: 104-118

Review Article

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